Some Myths About Crosstrainer Busted

They prefer it more than any other machine and when it comes to crosstrainer they feel that treadmill is much more efficient than the crosstrainer. Whatever are the reason behind it, but treadmill seems to have better reputation than the crosstrainer. May be certain belief is responsible for that.
Let’s find out why people avoid crosstrainers when it can work out for their advantage.

Myth 1: It’s boring using an elliptical

Most people believe that working out at elliptical or what is commonly known as crosstrainer is very boring! Now, think that why do you go to gym? For working out or for getting entertained? Moreover, almost all the machines are same and it is you and your fitness regime that makes them happening. Each of them can be boring if you hate going to the place. So, the machine is not boring but may be your attitude is.

Myth 2: It is too complicated

It is true that the crosstrainer is combination of stepper, treadmills and exercise bike, but that does not mean that it is complicated! Every machine will seem to be confusing when you start using them for the first time. Once you are habituated with it you can continue. Try to break the whole process into three steps and you’ll find it easier

  • Get on it and start moving your legs on the pedals. Do these before you switch on the machine so that you get a feel of the machine!
  • There will be a quick start button for selecting. You may use it.
  • Start moving your legs and arms, if required and you will find you are soon at the position that is enough comfortable to sweat you out!

Myth 3: It is not able to burn enough calories

There is a common belief that if you work out for the same period of time at a crosstrainer and any other machine you will be able to burn less calories. The fact is that you will be burning only a fewer calories lesser than the other machines.
However, while using a crosstrainer you will find that it is much good to your joints as the motion in it is very smooth and there is no exertion on the joints.