Mobile Payment Casinos

Among the most popular casinos in the industry are mobile payment casinos. Statistics show that we increasingly rely on our phones to carry out everyday tasks. So, it makes sense that some of our favourite pastimes would have made their way to mobile phone platforms too. As all online casino fans know, to play for real money you will have to deposit at some point. If you’re playing on a mobile then there’s a good chance that you’ll want to deposit on one too. Mobile payment casinos have made it easier than ever for mobile players to give their accounts a boost whilst on the go.

Benefits of Mobile Payment Methods

There are a few ways that you can deposit at mobile payment casinos. Options include e-wallets, voucher methods and phone bill payments. Each has its own set of advantages, which we will detail below. We’ll start with e-wallets:

  • High deposit limits
  • Encrypted transactions
  • Some offer prepaid payment cards
  • Quick turnaround on withdrawals.


However, voucher methods also boast some compelling benefits:

  • No need to share bank details with the web
  • Buy vouchers in store for cash
  • Wide range of retailers sell the vouchers
  • Simple to use. Just enter the voucher code into the banking portal to deposit funds.


Paying by phone bill is a relative newcomer to the market. Not many have acknowledged its existence quite yet. However, it has some cool positives such as those listed below.

  • Offers a line of credit
  • No need to have funds in account at time of deposit
  • Low limit is great for those who are budgeting
  • Secure, as a result of two-step verification process.


Are there drawbacks of playing at mobile payment casinos?

Just as each of the methods above has its own benefits, there are also negatives.

E-wallets have been known to have the following downsides.

  • Lengthy sign-up process
  • Only certain casinos accept e-wallets. Your chosen casino may only accept one brand, which is not the one that you have signed up for.
  • Bank details are still on the web, albeit with encryption protection.


Voucher methods have experienced the following complaints;

  • More effort involved in depositing, as vouchers have to be sourced from a retailer before a deposit can be made on the mobile casino.
  • Many sites will not allow you to deposit using payment vouchers.


Finally, paying by phone bill at mobile payments has a few downsides too. These include

  • Low limits on deposit amounts
  • Failure to pay phone bill payment can incur large bank charges
  • Your network provider may not be compatible.


Now that we’ve listed the many pros and cons of the ways that you can deposit and withdraw at mobile payment casinos, you should be informed to make the best decision for you. The options above are all common ways to deposit whilst playing mobile casino games. Just be sure that you check whether your chosen method is compatible with an online casino before joining.