How to buy a cheap bike and don’t feel regret: recommendations for the selection

How do I buy a good and cheap crosstrainer?

1. Pay attention to the magnetic structures of less-known manufacturers, or belt mechanical devices of the reputable brands.
Simple mechanical crosstrainers cost less than the other but find the one with a belt made of high-quality materials. As a result – a move of the pedals will be smooth.
2. Try to save by eliminating various unnecessary accessories. For example, you won’t lose much, if you give up of the heart rate sensors on the steering wheel – in any case, they are not perfectly accurate because during training palms are sweating and drops slip on it.
It makes sense to look at bikes without a set of ready-made programs heart rate sensors, color screen, holders for bottles and other small additions.
3. Do not rely too much on your own observation. Look for a model with the longest warranty period – not less than one year, but rather two or three years.


Where and when the cheap bikes are sold

There are much more opportunities that might seem at a first glance. The main thing is not to focus only on the nearest sports markets.

Online shopping for crosstrainers

This is the easiest and most transparent option. As in the case of buying any other household device, to buy online usually means saving. Sellers of the internet don’t work with a loss. Their costs of doing business are minimal – they need only the store, a couple of managers and a couple of physical workers.
Of course, remote shopping is not without some drawbacks: you can’t touch the product for the design reliability before you buy it.
To minimize the risks, let yourself to be guided by the reputable brands.

Sales and promotions

Let’s say you’re scared to buy crosstrainer, without looking at it, or you confuse of the delivery terms offered by online stores.
Well, walk around the city outlets. Look for special offers.
However, we must bear in mind that these really profitable, so they will not offer these action so often.
Standard reception of sellers – to raise the price by 40%, then reduce it to 30%.